Everyone is getting this Wrong Scam

What is a Everyone is getting this Wrong scam?

This is a scam recently submitted to us by a user who had this happen to him. The scammer will send an unsolicited message regarding a simple riddle and if they get it right, they will send over some money through either CashApp, Venmo, or any other payment processing platform.

The scammer will say they are sending over the money, but there is an issue and some kind of fee needs to be paid. They will ask you to kindly pay the fee before they can send over the fake prize money.

If you pay the scammer the fee, they will run away with the fee and the fake prize money

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How can you stay safe?

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Best to just avoid unsolicited messages asking about playing a game. Frankly, I thought Jigsaw taught us all to vehemently avoid people that ask if they want to play a game.

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