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Every individual and organization has unique online security needs. At Warded, LLC, we offer tailored plans to ensure you get the best protection suited to your requirements. Explore our packages below and make an informed choice.

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Because we believe in protecting the most vulnerable members of society, please contact us regarding senior discounts.

For any questions regarding pricing or discount options, please contact us at [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, of course! If you would prefer to remain the email contact, simply just signup with your email. 

With the VIP Ward, we also offer personalized experiences catering to your specific needs. If you or your loved one has been a previous victim to a specific fraud, we can prioritize that aspect and provide you with better quality support. We also offer a dedicated security analyst for you so you can always hear a familiar voice. We also have security analyst who specialize in specific types of fraud/scams. Moreover, with the VIP Ward, we also offer extended hours and weekend availability. Lastly, with the VIP Ward, your experience is more than just a customer. Call us for any reason, talk about your day, the weather, or anything under the sun. We also offer cards and updates through the mail if requested (as a gesture from us)!

If there are specific addons you would like for the VIP Ward, please contact us and we can help directly!

Warded will work directly with you and your family member to ensure they get catered treatment for their specific needs. Whether they have had previous issues with specific scams or they prefer similarity and would like to work with only one specific security analyst, we are here to accommodate. Please note though that the VIP Ward subscription allows for extra treatment, however, some of those features are still available on the basic package. Just simply contact us and we can help!

Yes, you can cancel at anytime!

Of course! Just reach out to us and we can assist.