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Scammers and fraudsters are more prevalent than ever and it will only become increasingly more difficult to tell what is fraudulent and what is legitimate. Let the professionals at Warded guide you through it so you can get immediate clarity and peace of mind.

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Find Out What Protection We Can Offer You and Your Loved Ones

Scam Protection

Phone and text message scams have become almost impossible to detect due to AI. Warded professionals stay up to date on these scams so you can rest easy.

Scam Protection

If you believe you or a family member is a victim of a romance scam, we will personally investigate and provide you with our professional opinion on how to move forward.

Social Security
Fraud Protection

Not only Social Security fraud, but all types of finacial fraud. Warded ensures your hard-earned money stays in your wallet, as our Warded professionals have extensive backgrounds with Social Security.

Fraud Protection

AI scams have become a serious concern for the average American. As they continue to evolve, it is important now more than ever to stay guarded, which is why Warded is here to help.

Bring Back a Simpler Time with Warded Security.

As many more products and companies move towards AI/automation, Warded remains the only customer-facing fraud prevention security company. We believe that real cyber crimes and scams require real professionals. 

Here at Warded, we believe that the customer and client relationship is key to building a safer online experience. This is why Warded is the only fraud prevention company that actively works 1-on-1 with our customers. There are many different software-based fraud prevention solutions, but with Warded, we bring the direct-to-customer methodology – meaning, if our customer has any concerns, any doubts that something is malicious, a scam, fraudulent activity, or any other question/concern in the IT sphere, we sit with our customer and give our professional opinion on the situation and what you should do moving forward. Allowing for instant peace of mind, so you can go back to enjoying your day.

Your personal professional.

Warded is a cybersecurity company that focuses on ensuring that our most vulnerable members of society are protected. In the constantly evolving technological period we live in; it has become increasingly more difficult to stay one step ahead of fraudsters and malicious users. Warded aims at protecting our customers by working directly with them and providing real-time professional support.

Traditional Answers to Modern Problems

Why trust clunky software or robot answering machines when you can speak directly to a security professional and get step-by-step guidance along the way.

Real Professional Support

Yes, we are real humans! We take customer support very serious and always ensure you leave the call feeling better than before.

An American Company

Warded was founded in the US, and we take pride in hiring and working with our fellow Americans from all backgrounds.

How it Works

Have you or a loved one received a suspicious text, call, email, letter, or feel like a victim of an active fraud/scam attempt and don’t know how to handle a potential attack?

Do not reply respond to anything you have doubts about. Contact us immediately and explain the situation to our trained security professionals.

Our Warded professionals will then guide you through step-by-step, giving you answers and peace of mind so you can get back to enjoying your day.

You have spent your whole life preparing for tomorrow, don't let someone take it away today.

353 million US citizens were affected by cybercrime in 2023.

More Than Just a Phone Call...

Sometimes a proactive defense can be the difference between becoming a victim of fraud or not. This is why we at Warded believe that protection starts before the incident happens. 

With a Warded subscription, we also provide you with Database Breach Alerts, Dark Web Monitoring, SMS/Email updates about new scams and fraudulent activities happening currently, and periodic awareness training information.

Warded also believes that relationships built on trust make for a safer environment. This is why Warded also does wellness checks for customers upon request on a monthly or weekly basis.

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Warded Will Give You the Peace of Mind You Deserve.

1 in 2 American internet users had their accounts breached in 2021.

Let Warded Protect You and the Ones You Love

Your security concerns are our top priority. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or simply want to share feedback, we’re here to listen and help. Connect with our team using the form below or the chat icon at the bottom of the screen. If you’re interested in Warded, click the button below!

Keep your blind spots Warded.