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Scammers and fraudsters are more prevalent than ever and it will only become increasingly more difficult to tell what is fraudulent and what is legitimate. Let the professionals at Warded guide you through it so you can get immediate clarity and peace of mind.

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With Warded, No More Worrying About You or Your Loved Ones Getting Scammed

Warded Protects against scams like these:

Warded example of job scam text message
Warded example of phone call scam to grandparents
Warded example of a scam text message from bank
Warded Company Logo

With Warded, No More Worrying About You or Your Loved Ones Getting Scammed

Warded Protects against scams like these:

Warded is Really that Simple and Really that Effective.

Why make things more confusing than they need to be? All you want are answers.

How does it work?

After you sign up for Warded, check your email -- call, email, or text the information provided, and then consult directly to one of our cybersecurity professionals. It's really that simple!

Real Professional Support

Yes, we are real humans! We take customer support very serious and always ensure you leave the situation feeling better than before.

Talk 1-on-1 or Just Send a Message

Phone shy, or just want to send text messages, emails and screenshots? We offer plans for texting only or both!

See what Protection Warded can Offer

Warded Phone/Text
Scam Protection

Phone and text message scams have become almost impossible to detect due to AI. Warded professionals stay up to date on these scams so you can rest easy.

Warded Romance
Scam Protection

If you believe you or a family member is a victim of a romance scam, we will personally investigate and provide you with our professional opinion on how to move forward.

Warded Job
Scam Protection

Everyone needs money, and scammers know this. We help make sure that that job offer is a legitimate offer!

Warded AI
Fraud Protection

AI scams have become a serious concern for the average American. As they continue to evolve, it is important now more than ever to stay guarded, which is why Warded is here to help.

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Single Scam Review

1. Submit any information regarding the situation

2. A cybersecurity professional will review the case

3. You’ll be provided a detailed report on the likelihood of it being a scam

Ideal for Romance scams, Job scams, verifying Website legitimacy, Marketplace scams, and more!

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One of the Largest Database of Scams at the Palm of your Hands with Warded

Warded receives calls and submissions daily about new and potential scams happening in your area. Check out our free scam database so you can stay up to date on the tactics used by scammers.

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