Verification Code Scam

What is a Verification Code scam?

This scam can occur in two common ways: 1) The scammer needs to create an online account for a common service like Google Voice and needs to link a real phone number to the service. As a way to obfuscate the process even more, they will attempt to use a victim’s number. This can be harmful to the victim’s phone number, as systems will start to flag it as potential spam. 2) The scammer is attempting to access your online account and needs the verification code sent to you in order to bypass the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

In both of these cases, under any circumstance, never give the verification code to the scammer. An official employee of any reputable service will not openly ask you to provide this verification code.

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How can you stay safe?

When you receive an unsolicited verification code, do not provide it to anyone who may call or text you shortly after. Moreover, it would be best practice to update any passwords related to that service just to be safe.

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