USPS Mail Scam

What is a USPS Mail scam?

Mail scams involve fraudulent messages via phone or email, informing you that a package couldn’t be delivered to your address. These messages may request personal or financial information or ask for payment to receive the package. If you provide your card details, scammers can steal them, so it’s important to report any suspicious activity to your bank promptly. USPS Mail scams may also use Amazon, FedX, UPS, DHL, and many more delivery services and not just USPS.

How can you stay safe?

To stay safe from USPS mail scams, be cautious of any notifications claiming a package couldn’t be delivered. Verify the legitimacy of the message by directly visiting the USPS website instead of clicking on any links provided. Never provide personal or financial information in response to unsolicited messages, and report any suspicious activity to USPS and your bank immediately. Lastly, if you didn’t order anything, do not assume you’re receiving anything.

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