Tollbooth Scam (Florida)

What is a Tollbooth (Florida) scam?

With beach season on the horizon, scammers are using tollbooth scam messages to harvest user information and credit data. Once the victim clicks on the provided link, they will be taken to a scam website that is often designed to look incredibly similar to the legitimate website. Scammers will usually just fire this message to any phone number they have regardless if you’ve been to the Florida area or not.

How can you stay safe?

Always scrutinize the website address before interacting with it, as scammers often replicate the appearance of genuine sites. If the URL doesn’t exactly match the official one from trusted sources, it’s safest to close the tab to avoid potential financial losses. https://www.sunpass.com is the official website for the SunPass services.

If you want any kind of closure, you can always contact the official website and verify if you have an unpaid charge; however, please note, tollbooth services will almost always mail you a letter and never contact you via text message.

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