Fake Payment Scam

What is a Fake Payment scam?

Scammers deceive you into believing you’ve received a genuine payment, often through emails that mimic authentic payment confirmations. These emails may closely resemble legitimate messages from payment services, making them difficult to identify as scams. Additionally, scammers may use doctored screenshots to further convince you of the faux transaction. Always exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of any payment notifications you receive, especially if they seem suspicious or unexpected.

Moreover, scammers might also threaten you and demand you send them back the money they sent you. Sometimes the scammers will claim they accidentally sent you the payment and harass you until you pay it back. 

How can you stay safe?

Always verify the legitimacy of your bank balance directly through your bank’s mobile app or website. Never click on links provided by scammers. If you’re still unsure, call your bank directly using your bank’s official phone number and not one that might be provided by the scammer.

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