Blackmail Scam

What is a Blackmail scam?

A blackmail scam is usually randomly sent to several emails at once and is usually very vague. The emails in question typically contain four key elements: a claim of installing harmful software after visiting an adult website, a threat to expose a video of the recipient watching mature content, a demand for payment to prevent the video’s release, and a warning to share it with contacts. However, it’s important to recognize these as spam and baseless threats; if the sender truly had incriminating footage, they would have shown it already. The scammer will make threats of exposing the video to friends, family, and coworkers, but these are just empty threats.

How can you stay safe?

To avoid being tricked by blackmail scams like this, remember that they are often just fake emails sent to many people. Don’t respond to the email, and make sure your computer has good protection against viruses. If the attacker had evidence of you, they would have already sent it. Also, look out for certain phrasing like the image shown here. Lastly, do not pay the scammer, if you pay them, they will continue to milk you for more payments.

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