Wrong Number Scam

What is a Wrong Number scam?

A wrong number scam happens when someone mistakenly contacts you and tries to start a conversation, which could lead to a scam. They might use your politeness to trick you into giving them personal information or falling for their scams. It’s important not to respond to these messages or calls to avoid being deceived. You might ask yourself: What is the harm in telling them they have the wrong number? Usually, this type of scam is used for data gathering, which could potentially be used as rapport or information for a later attack. Therefore, it is best to simply ignore the number and then report it here at Warded so we can store it in our database and report to the government. 

How can you stay safe?

The best course is to simply ignore any unsolicited text message or phone call if you’re not expecting anything, i.e. waiting for a call from a company or a relative. If you do decide to communicate further with the scammer, please be mindful in not giving any personal information.

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