Do you have a Minute Text Message Scam

What is a Do you have a Minute Text Message scam?

This is a scam that has been reported to us by our users where the scam attempt simply starts with a message: “Do you have a minute?” Users have reported to us that if you do reply to the unsolicited message, you will then start a conversation with a scammer who most likely will have a fake sob story about why they need money, or they will attempt an information-gathering scam.

Moreover, please note that one user reported that when they received this message, it was the beginning of a romance scam. If you get an unsolicited message like this, it’s best to just ignore it.

How can you stay safe?

It is best practice to simply ignore any unsolicited message like this. If you wish to proceed out of curiosity about what it could potentially be, it is best to cut out all contact the moment the scammer discusses anything to do about payments or starting a romantic relationship.

Please, always use your best judgement if you plan to continue a conversation with them. Lastly, avoid giving away any personal information, as it could be used for a later scam attempt.

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