Is this you Scam?

What is an Is this you scam?

“I got a message from a friend with a link that said “is this you?”” We have received this scam numerous times by many users, as this is a very effective scam. It plays on our natural curiosities and who isn’t nervous about a potentially embarrassing photo after a night out. However, this is 100% a scam used by scammers to either 1) get you to download a photo with an exe. file in it; 2) to phish for your information after they require you to log into another website

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How can you stay safe?

Try your hardest to resist the urge to click on the link. If you receive a message from a friend with a similar question and link combo as shown here, contact the friend directly via phone or in person and ask if they have had their account compromised. Many times, users do not even realize that their accounts have been compromised.

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