Missed Connections Scam

What is a Missed Connection scam?

This scam is similar to many unsolicited text message scams; however, this scam plays on the emotional side of the victim. The scammer expects the victim to say they got the wrong number, where the scammer will then try and emotionally manipulate the victim by garnering pity. The end goal for this scam is either money or info gathering.

Moreover, users have reported that the scammer will then attempt to get to know the victim and flirt with them instead. 

Lastly, please note that this scam is not just attempted via text message. We have seen scammers post this on forms such as Craigslist, by posting generalized things like “I saw you at a Walmart.” Scammers tend to cast a very wide net. 

How can you stay safe?

It is human nature to want to stir someone in the right direction, but it is best to just ignore this kind of message. This scammer thrives on kindness and curiosity.

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