Revenge Scam

What is a Revenge scam?

A revenge scam is when someone targets a victim who was already scammed prior. Sometimes, the scammer can find the victim on forums asking questions about finding a specific scammer, or sometimes the new scammer might also be the old scammer. The revenge scammer will tell you they can hack the previous scammer and tell you their information, along with getting your money back — the only thing is, you have to pay to get it back. See where the scam is?

If you’ve been a victim to a previous scam, the best thing to do is cut your losses and learn from the mistake. Consider signing up for Warded so you can get guidance on future scam attempts, but never solicit the help of another scammer to get back at your previous scammer.

How can you stay safe?

Avoid unsolicited messages from people claiming to be professional hackers who can help you track down a scammer. Most of the time, a scam victim can feel helpless and want revenge, which can cause the victim to not think rationally — making them an easier target again. Take a deep breath and move forward having learned a lesson.

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