Tech Support Scam

What is a Tech Support scam?

Tech support scams happen when someone tries to trick you into thinking there’s a problem with your computer or device. They might call you out of nowhere or show a fake message on your screen, asking for money to fix the issue. To stay safe, make sure you’re on the right website when looking for support. If someone asks you to pay with gift cards, it’s likely a scam, so it’s okay to hang up and check again. Often scammers will redirect you to a website with HTML coded in such a way that a popup will appear attempting to convince you there is something wrong with your computer. 

How can you stay safe?

Legitimate tech companies won’t ask for payment or personal information without your request. Be cautious of unexpected calls or messages claiming your device has a problem. If you’re unsure, verify the company’s contact details independently before providing any information or payment..

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