Facebook Customer Service Messenger Scam

What is a Facebook Customer Service Messenger scam?

As the name implies, this scam happens over Facebook messenger, or any Meta App (Instagram, WhatsApp, Threads, FB). The scammer makes a fake account that resembles Facebook customer support and tells you that you have violated their terms and your account will be banned unless you take proper action. 

The scammer then links you to a fake website designed to look like a legitimate website where they then steal your login information.

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How can you stay safe?

Facebook support does not message through messenger. Meta will always contact you via email. Anything from Facebook via messenger app can be ignored. Also, always scrutinize the website address before interacting with it, as scammers often replicate the appearance of genuine sites.

Never click a link from an unsolicited message, and if you do click the link, never type any information in nor contact any number listed on the link.

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