Sugar Momma or Sugar Daddy Scam

What is a Sugar Momma or Sugar Daddy scam?

Sugar daddy/mom scams often involve two types: fake check scams and advance-fee scams. In fake check scams, scammers send fraudulent payments that will eventually be reversed, then ask victims to send money or buy gift cards using the fake funds. Advance-fee scams involve scammers offering money but requiring victims to pay first, often claiming it’s to prove loyalty or for processing fees.

They may even use spoofed emails to appear like legitimate payment services, asking for fees before releasing funds. It’s crucial to be cautious and avoid falling for these scams.

How can you stay safe?

To protect yourself from sugar daddy/mom scams, be cautious of offers that ask for money or upfront payments. Don’t reply to unexpected emails or messages asking for payment in exchange for rewards or benefits. Always double-check the legitimacy of payment requests or offers before doing anything, and listen to your instincts if something appears too good to be true.

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