Task Scam

What is a Task scam?

Tasks scams are very similar to job scams, click here for more information on job scams, however, unlike job scams, task scams are often individual tasks given to the person with the promise of monetary return. Sometimes, very rarely, the scammer will actually pay the victim for doing the task, however, the tasks are usually unethical and often illegal.

Common tasks are: picking up packages, writing fake reviews on websites, being asked to deliver a product, or being asked to participate in contests for the scammer.

If a task scam requests that you transfer money or pick up an unknown package, there is a good chance you’re being hired as a money mule, which can result in serious legal trouble. For more information on money mules, click here: https://www.wardedsec.com/what-is-a-money-mule

How can you stay safe?

Always be cautious when communicating with unsolicited requests for services, especially if it’s only through messaging apps. Be wary of job offers that promise high wages without following standard hiring procedures like interviews. If the pay seems too good to be true, it probably is. Most task scams will often have simple tasks with very little information about them given. 

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