Find My iPhone Threats Scam

What is a Find My iPhone Threat scam?

This scam targets owners of stolen iPhones, which can be remotely locked through a service called Find My. Scammers try to contact the victim by phone or email, pretending to be from Apple or a buyer, and pressure them to remove the Apple ID from the phone. If you get such a message, don’t follow their instructions to remove the device from your Apple ID. The scammers will try all sorts of tricks and manipulations in order to get you to remove the device from your Apple ID.

If you remove the device from your Apple ID, you will simply unlock the phone for the scammer. If you leave the device in your name, there is currently no possible way for the scammer to access the device and they’re left with an expensive paperweight.

How can you stay safe?

Always keep your eyes on your belongings and make sure you have Find My iPhone enabled.

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