Fake Pop-Up Scam

What is a Fake Pop-up scam?

A fake pop-up scam is like any other pop-up scam, however, this one in particular tricks the user into thinking they have a virus on their computer or mobile phone.

Pop-ups like this often appear after clicking on a link from an unsolicited message. Do not under any circumstance call the number provided on the pop-up.

Your computer most likely does not have a virus. Simply exit the page and run a virus scan directly from your computer and not from the internet/via your web browser. However, again, if you received this pop-up after clicking on a link, chances are you are fine.

How can you stay safe?

Ignore the pop-up, do not call the number provided, leave the page immediately, and run a virus scan directly through your computer and not from your web browser.

Moving forward, do not click links sent to you by unsolicited sources.

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