Pet Scam

What is a Pet scam?

Someone posing as a pet breeder offers to sell you a pet at a good price through their website or online listings. They insist on using a shipping service and request payment via irreversible methods like Cash App or Western Union. You can spot these scams by checking if the website’s domain is recently registered and by using reverse image search to verify the pet’s photos. After you pay, the scammers continue asking for more money, claiming it’s for additional fees like insurance or permits. This is why it is important to never pay a scammer, because they will continue to ask for more payments.

How can you stay safe?

Always scrutinize the website address before interacting with it, as scammers often replicate the appearance of genuine sites. Like most scams, if it is too good to be true, avoid it. If you have already paid the scammer, try and dispute the charge via your bank or credit card company.

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