Your Order has been Confirmed Scam

What is a Your Order has been Confirmed scam?

This is a type of scam that is similar to a refund scam, where no order has been made but the scammer attempts to trick the victim into thinking they have already purchased something, or that someone has used their information to purchase something.

Two things are common as a follow-up: 1) The attached PDF has an exe. file on it and you will download a virus; 2) the PDF is a mock invoice/receipt that shows you a number or URL address to contact if you did not make the purchase.

Lastly, these messages tend to be incredibly vague no descriptions of items nor websites listed.

How can you stay safe?

If you receive an email or text like this, always check the email header first. If you receive a text message like this, always check the phone number online to see if it is linked to any kind of reputable company. After you have done those two steps, check your bank account to see if any unauthorized charge has actually gone through.

In the end, it’s best to ignore messages like this if you can confirm with your bank directly that no charge went through and for them to monitor if a future charge for that amount does go through.

Also, in the case of a PDF, it is best practice to never download an unsolicited PDF. 

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