Crypto Airdrop Scam

What is a Crypto Airdrop scam?

Scammers often promote cryptocurrency airdrop opportunities, typically through direct messages or posts on social media, offering users the chance to claim a new cryptocurrency as a reward for their engagement.

However, these messages usually contain links to phishing websites disguised as legitimate crypto wallets or exchanges. If you click the link and connect your wallet, the scammer gains control of your funds or tricks you into signing a harmful smart contract.

How can you stay safe?

Always scrutinize the website address before interacting with it, as scammers often replicate the appearance of genuine sites. If the URL doesn’t exactly match the official one from trusted sources, it’s safest to close the tab to avoid potential financial losses. For instance, the genuine Coinbase website is coinbase.com, not realsupport.coinbase.com.

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