Sextortion Scam

What is a Sextortion scam?

A sextortion scam is when someone threatens to share compromising photos or videos of you unless you pay them money. These scammers often claim to have obtained the content through hacking or surveillance. It’s important to remember that these threats are not real, and you should never give in to their demands. Instead, report the scam to the authorities and seek support from trusted friends or family members.

Moreover, this scam also happens when you meet someone online and they want to chat on Skype, WhatsApp, or another app. They might ask for naked photos, then threaten to share them if you don’t pay. If this happens, block them and make your social media private for a while. Don’t give them any money because it won’t stop them from threatening you.

Lastly, sometimes scammers will target victims of sextortion and tell them they can hack the previous scammers if you pay them. Do not pay them.

How can you stay safe?

Be cautious when sharing personal information or photos online. Avoid sending nude or compromising photos to people you meet online, especially if you haven’t met them in person. If someone threatens to share intimate photos of you unless you pay them, don’t give in to their demands. Instead, block them, report the incident to the platform you’re using, and consider making your social media accounts private. Remember, paying the scammer won’t make them stop, and it’s best to seek help from trusted friends or authorities if you feel threatened.

Furthermore, if you pay a sextortion scammer, there is a high chance it won’t make them go away, but instead they will keep coming back to you knowing you will pay.

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