Influencer Scam

What is an Influencer scam?

This scam involves receiving messages on social media platforms, typically Instagram, offering you opportunities to collaborate or promote a brand. Often, these messages come from either the brand’s official account or a newly created one directing you to contact the main account. However, the catch is that working with the brand entails purchasing their products, even though you might be offered a discount. These schemes are commonly used by dropshipping sites to sell products from Aliexpress at marked-up prices, ensuring they profit regardless of any discounts offered.

Moreover, these scams might seem legitimate, as the person contacting you could have a large following, however, be vigilant as it might be an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) opportunity as well. 

How can you stay safe?

It is best practice to simply ignore any unsolicited messages on social media sites. In some cases the scammer will harass you if you say no to them, which in that case it would be best to block them. 

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