Facebook Post Redirect Scam

What is a Facebook Post Redirect scam?

This is a fairly simple scam that catches most people off guard. The scammer will post something similar to the photo here and in the comments they will put a link to another Facebook post that has a title like “Car Crash on the I-65 Highway… 3 Dead.”

However, when you click on the link provided in the comments, you will be redirected to a phishing website that will ask you to log in in order to view the article they posted in the comments. In doing so, you will unknowingly provide the scammer with your login credentials.

How can you stay safe?

Always scrutinize the website address before interacting with it, as scammers often replicate the appearance of genuine sites. If the URL doesn’t exactly match the official one from trusted sources, it’s safest to close the tab to avoid potential financial losses. Moreover, if someone from your friend’s list is the one making the post, try contacting them via phone or in person and ask them if they made the post. Chances are they have had their Facebook accounts compromised.

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