Advance Cash Scam

What is an Advance Cash scam?

An advance-fee scam occurs when a scammer asks for payment upfront in exchange for a promised benefit, such as an investment return, job opportunity, or online purchase. However, after paying the scammer, victims typically receive nothing in return.

These scams can involve various situations, from simple requests for payment to complex schemes involving multiple fraudulent entities. If you encounter such a scam, it’s essential to dispute or chargeback any payments made, block the scammer, and avoid further communication with them.

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How can you stay safe?

To protect yourself from advance-fee scams, be cautious of requests for upfront payments, verify the legitimacy of offers, and avoid sending money or personal information to unknown parties. Trust your instincts, monitor your financial accounts, and educate yourself about common scam tactics to recognize and avoid potential scams.

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